Vision Plastics, Inc. is a family owned custom injection molder located in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Founded in 1997, we are committed to total customer satisfaction, relying on continuous improvement to achieve a value managed relationship.  We are able to become involved in the earliest stages of concept development, assist in prototype development and offer custom tailored production services to ensure the success of your program.

Vision Plastics provides high-quality plastic injection molded parts to a variety of industries including: lighting, tools, automotive, marine, water flow and more.  Our facilities hold a total of 41 presses with force capacity ranging from 30-1000 tons.  Our 98,600 square foot facilities offer state of the art temperature controlled quality assurance labs, equipped with quality control technology including coordinate measuring machine, optical comparator and a wide variety of precision metrology gauges and fixtures.  Our talented team of engineers provide design engineering assistance and we are happy to work with our customers during the design phase or modify existing designs.

We are capable of a wide range of secondary operations including various assembly solutions, hot plate welding, ultra-sonic welding, induction welding, cellular manufacturing and custom packaging.  We offer competitive sources for tooling, both domestic and off shore.  Additionally, Our just in time methodologies help manage your inventory and guarantee the most cost effective program for your requirements.

We take great pride in our products and our dedicated staff.  We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2003, with our most recent 9001:2015 certification being received in January 2018.  We utilize a quality management system and have implemented a fully developed production part approval process procedure including process flow control plan and capability studies.  Our quality department works diligently with our operators to ensure all quality checks and processes are carried out according to the control plan.  Our specialties include injection molding, two shot over molding, assembly, design engineering, insert molding, induction welding, hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, project management, FEA and mold maintenance.

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