Our Capabilities

We offer a large range of capabilities:

  • We supply high quality, competitively priced custom molded plastic components.  Our skilled personnel produce high quality dies for your project which result in a shorter lead times and lower costs. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product with efficiency and speed gives us our competitive edge from Concept to Completion.

Our Facilities:

  • Our 98,600 sq. ft. production and warehouse facilities are environmentally controlled, holding 41 state of the art injection molding machines ranging from 30 to 1,000 ton capacity.

Our Staff:

  • Our experienced engineering staff specializes in mold design, tooling management, process improvement, in-house automation solutions and preventative maintenance.

Design-Prototype-Production Services:

  • We get involved at the earliest stages of conceptual design development, assist in prototype development, and offer custom tailored production services to provide our customers a successful program.
  • We utilize 3D printing capabilities to further the prototype development process.  We are able to reduce our customer’s costs through intelligent tool design and efficient production runs.

Design Engineering:

  • We offer engineering and material selection assistance.
  • We utilize the latest engineering software including Solid Works, MoldEx, IGES, Step, and Parasolids.

Tooling Engineering:

  • We develop tooling, fixtures, and gages to customize each project. We offer a combination of internal and external tooling capabilities to provide the most cost effective tooling resources and options to our customers.  We offer competitive sources for tooling, both domestic and off-shore, with on-site mold repair and maintenance.
  • In house design expertise is provided by our talented Engineers.

Manufacturing Engineering:

  • We integrate internal processes with external resources to develop the most cost-effective assemblies.  Our design phase allows for process and product optimization.
  • Through automation, we create and offer solutions to aid and enhance your manufacturing experience.

Secondary Operations Department:

  • We offer a variety of secondary operations including hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, induction welding, spin welding, heat staking, riveting, solvent bonding and more.

Customer Service:

  • We offer superior customer service. 

Our Operators:

  • Our operators have gone through Paulson training and take pride in the quality of the parts produced.

Quality Assurance Equipment: 

We have the following equipment to ensure your product is completed at the highest level of quality: 

  • Height Indicator, Optical Comparator, 3-D Blue Light Scanner, Spectrophotometer, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). 3D Part Printing capability, structured blue light scanning (3D); coordinate measuring system (PC-DMIS); Comparator(s); Mark-10 Force Tester (1,500 lb limit); MAX-4000 AZI moisture analyzer(s); various handheld equipment for dimensional, melt temperatures, dew point levels, torque test equipment and functional leak decay testing equipment.  Quality control is a key component in our manufacturing process. 
  • We set rigorous quality control standards and sample-testing for each mold to ensure the first article meets all specifications.