Our Staff

Phone(262) 728-3270                                   fax(262) 728-3269                                  EmailSales@visionplastics.net       
Administrative Contacts 
Co-Owner Jamie Hubertz Ext 212 jamieh@visionplastics.net
Human Resources Briley Fitts Ext 218 Brilef@visionplastics.net
CFO/Accounts Payable Teri Krueger Ext 223 terik@visionplastics.net
Sales and Customer Service Contacts 
Vice President of Sales Joe Peyer Ext 209 joep@visionplastics.net
President Adam Hubertz Ext 214 adamh@visionplastics.net
Business Development Laura Popelier Ext 216 laurap@visionplastics.net
Customer Service Devon Reed Ext 221 devonl@visionplastics.net
CEO Craig Hubertz Ext 232 craigh@visionplastics.net
Inside Sales Alissa Burdick Ext 233 alissab@visionplastics.net
Engineering Contacts 
Part Design Brian Franzene Ext 210 brianf@visionplastics.net
Product Engineer Chris Strom Ext 211 Chriss@visionplastics.net
Manufacturing Engineer Pat Jacobs Ext 231 patj@visionplastics.net
Design Engineer Scott Paul Ext 234 scottp@visionplastics.net
Quality Contacts 
Quality Assurance Manager Steve Zellmer Ext 224 stevez@visionplastics.net
Quality Supervisor Stacy Carter Ext 241 stacyc@visionplastics.net
Quality Technician Stephen Jacobs Ext 264 stephen@visionplastics.net
Purchasing Contacts 
Materials Manager Mike Kessler Ext 227 mikek@visionplastics.net
Production Contacts 
Vice President of Operations Pat Hubertz Ext 213 path@visionplastics.net
Molding Manager Roger Smith Ext 219 rogers@visionplastics.net
Production Control Manager Kyle Hubertz Ext 238 kyleh@visionplastics.net
Automation Technician Matt Mullikin Ext 241 mattm@visionplastics.net
Project Manager Michael Hankins Ext 260 michaelh@visionplastics.net
ERP/IT Contacts
ERP Specialist Andrew Thompson Ext 229 andrewt@visionplastics.net