We offer a large range of capabilities, offering high quality, competitively priced custom molded plastic components.  Our skilled personnel produce high quality dies for your project which result in a shorter lead times and lower costs. Our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality product with efficiency and speed gives us our competitive edge from Concept to Completion.

Our Facilities:  Our 98,600 sq. ft. production and warehouse facilities are environmentally controlled, holding 40 state of the art injection molding machines ranging from 55 to 1,000 ton capacity.

Our Staff:  Our experienced engineering staff specializes in mold design, tooling management, process improvement, in-house automation solutions and preventative maintenance.

Design-Prototype-Production Services:  We get involved at the earliest stages of conceptual design development, assist in prototype development, and offer custom tailored production services to provide our customers a successful program.  We utilize 3D printing capabilities to further the prototype development process.  We are able to reduce our customer’s costs through intelligent tool design and efficient production runs.

Secondary Operations Department:  We offer a variety of secondary operations including hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, induction welding, spin welding, heat staking, riveting, solvent bonding and more.

Customer Service:  We offer superior customer service. 

Our Operators:  Our operators have completed Paulson training and take pride in the quality of the parts they produce.