As the plastics industry has evolved, many technological processing improvements have been innovated to enhance quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process.  We invest in continual improvement of our facilities and our equipment to ensure we are at the forefront of developments in the injection molding industry.

Quality Management is a key component in our manufacturing process.  To provide quality plastic injection molded parts consistently and cost effectively, we base our quality management system on ISO guidelines, in addition to combining our extensive manufacturing knowledge with our experience.

Each one of our dedicated team members follows a set of detailed work instructions, controlled procedures, visual standards and quality plans to produce high quality plastic injection molded parts to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quality Services Offered:

  • Capability inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Revision procedures
  • Document control procedures
  • Production manuals
  • AQL (Acceptance Quality Limits) testing
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
  • Color matching with spectrophotometer

Quality Management System:  We utilize a quality management system and have implemented a fully developed production part approval process procedure, including process flow control plan and capability studies.  Our quality department works diligently with our operators to ensure all quality checks and processes are carried out according to the control plan.

Quality Assurance Equipment:  Quality Management is a key component in our manufacturing process.  We set rigorous quality control standards and sample-testing for each mold to ensure the first article meets all specifications.  We have the following equipment to ensure your product is completed at the highest level of quality:

Height Indicator, Optical Comparator, Spectrophotometer, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). 3D Part Printing capability, structured blue light scanning (3D); coordinate measuring system (PC-DMIS); Comparator(s); Mark-10 Force Tester (1,500 lb limit); MAX-4000 AZI moisture analyzer(s); various handheld equipment for dimensional, melt temperatures, dew point levels, torque test equipment and functional leak decay testing equipment.

Our Quality Policy:  Vision Plastics, Inc. achieves customer satisfaction through continual improvement of processes, products, quality objectives and services to ensure they meet or exceed defined customer requirements.